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ifc file

Go even further in your BIM management work

EfficientStop working with unreadable Excel quantity take-off

StructuredMerge all your BIM models into a single storage to facilitate the overall BIM workflow

InteroperableConnect your ifc database with your favorite BI software

Improve your BIM workflow with datavisualization and business intelligence

Without IFC file converter

Hours of work and only 70% of the relations


With IFC file converter

A few seconds for 100% of the relations


Get several database export formats after your ifc file conversion 


After the conversion, you will have the possibility to download several files format such as SQLite, Script SQL, XML, JSON, CSV.



The benefits to convert .ifc BIM model into a relational database

QueriesSend smart queries to your BIM model across data-base viewer

RelationalKeep and organize relations between BIM objects, spatial tree and technical tree

InterroperableConnect your .ifc BIM model to BI softwares to give sense to your BIM uses


It’s time to unleash the power of your BIM data.

If you want to use the data of your ifc file efficiently, you can create dashboards after ifc file convert from IFC Converter .

Connect your exported format to your favorite BI software!

It’s time to unleash the power of your BIM data.

If you want to use the data of your BIM model (.ifc) efficiently, you can create dashboards with the data using IFC Converter and business intelligence.

Connect your exported format to your favorite BI software!


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The co-founder’s words


As a BIM manager,

It’s hard to get final users to embrace the benefits of BIM without optimal access to data.

To solve this, I believe it is essential to be able to connect the world of BIM with the world of DataViz in order to use the data from the BIM process as efficiently as possible.

I created IFC Converter to finally have a bridge between these two worlds. 

Julian Bringold

Co-founder & COO, Seve-up